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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program


A medically designed 4 Phase protocol which promotes sensible fat-loss, while sparing muscle mass.

Our FDA approved products are only available through select health care professionals.

One-on-One Weight Loss Coaching.

Education for Post-Diet Weight Maintenance.

Healthy Weight Loss to Improve Overall Health and Well-being.

Developed over 20 years ago, in France, by Dr. Iran Tien Chanh MD, PhD Laureate graduate of the University of Paris College of Medicine

Includes a team of licensed medical professionals (physicians, pharmacists and nurse practitioners) who provide complete training and continual support via phone or email for all clinical questions.


FREE Ideal Protein & Nutrition Workshop

Offered Tuesdays in Lansing

Class size is limited!

Call 517-321-8568 to Register for the next Workshop!



Most popular weight loss programs advertise with testimonials and striking "before and after pictures". Invariably these are followed by a disclaimer that states, "these results are not typical". Our clients will lose between 2 to 7 pounds per week. Typical weight-loss by gender:

2 to 4 pounds of fat per week
3 to 7 pounds of fat per week


These are typical results and we have a clinical record of 5 million successful dieters in Europe, Canada and the United States over our 23 years of experience.

It's not only that our dieters are losing weight. It's what it means for their health and life!

Many have gotten off or decreased their medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach disorders, and thyroid conditions!

*Results may vary per person


You can get these results too!

Call 517-321-8568 to Register for the Next Weight Loss Workshop!!

Take the first step to get your health and life back!

*Results may vary per person

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