The 3 Best Exercises for Low Back Pain

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Digital Radiography and Analysis


Spinal X-rays may be taken to determine the curve of your spine or check for spinal defects. Spinal X-rays can help detect: fractures (breaks), tumors (abnormal masses of cells), Arthritis, disc problems, Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), Scoliosis, Infection and deformities in the curves of the spine which can lead to a break down in tissues causing dysfunction, pain, and decreased organ health. The restoration of normal structure can lead to normalized bodily function.
Digital X-rays maximize the quality of the image, greatly improving the accuracy of diagnosis.


PostureRayâ„¢ is the ONLY system designed utilizing the original spine research data ultimately published and supported in top scientific peer-reviewed journals such as "Spine, Journal of Orthopedic Research"; "European Spine Journal"; "JMPT"; "Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation" and "The Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques".
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