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Total Health Spine and Nutrition is your one-stop wellness-spot for all of your chiropractic, rehabilitation, nutrition, and weight-loss needs.

Total Health Spine & Nutrition is a highly innovative, multidisciplinary complete-wellness facility, and one of Mid Michigan's busiest rehabilitation facilities. Drs. Ryan and Monica Wohlfert are highly regarded in our local community and within the CBP clinical community.
CBP® (Clinical Biomechanics of Posture) is the most researched form of spinal rehabilitation in chiropractic care. The research team that studies CBP® rehabilitation methods consists of mathematicians, engineers, MDs, DCs, and other professionals from multiple fields. This team has thoroughly studied all aspects of CBP® structural rehabilitation; reliability, validity and consistency of spinal correction in order to offer you the best rehabilitative care possible.
CBP® research is published in prestigious journals such as "Spine™", "Clinical Biomechanics™" and "The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development™" to name just a few of more than 120 publications. This research adds to the credibility, reliability, and effectiveness of CBP® rehabilitation. Total Health Chiropractic has treated over 5,000 patients and you will benefit from this experience!
We begin with a thorough initial evaluation, which includes medical history, orthopedic and neurological assessment. And if necessary, x-rays are measured and studied. Your treatment plan is then customized based on your individual needs, placing you back on the road to renewed health and vitality.
After your treatment plan is completed, a complete re-evaluation is performed and follow-up radiography is performed. Progress is proven at CBP® using x-ray digitization and assessment with PostureRay™. Every patient is assessed with clinical outcome measures, which demonstrate provable results. Our methods are repeatable, reliable, accurate, and effective.
We look forward to partnering with you to address your health concerns. We are confident, that together, we can achieve the most successful results possible.
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