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The Total Health Weekly Rundown

Sunday, January 8, 2017 | Category: Total Health Events

The Total "Health" Weekly Rundown:
Your one-stop spot for the latest in health, spine, nutrition, and
THSN news over the last week.


In case you missed it...

- Our Open House in our new Lansing office is scheduled for Saturday January 28 from 9am to 2pm. See below for the details...

- Patient Spotlight: The Jozwiak Family. This is such an amazing family...Katie (mom) started her Corrective Spinal Rehab program and quickly got the entire family on board as well. Read more and See pictures...

- Inside Nutrition...This our new nutrition-based Facebook page designed and managed by our Certified Health Coach, Jason. If you're looking for 5-star weight loss support, healthy recipes (click here for Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs), and motivation to stay on a healthy path, give us the ol' thumbs up and "Like" Inside Nutrition.


Open House 2017...

Our Open House is all set for Saturday January 28 from 9am to 2pm.

This is for our NEW Lansing office at 603 N. Waverly on the corner of Saginaw and Waverly.

Here's the rundown but I'll get much more specific with each of these as the days go on...

- "Cancer Secrets Exposed" with special guest speaker Daniel Phend, Master Herbalist and Biochemist.

- Weight Loss Challenge kickoff! Win $$ for just completing YOUR challenge.

- Well-TEN Talk: "10 Minutes to Wellness"


Free K-Laser Treatments

Win Gift Cards to Local Businesses

And catering provided by our new neighbors, Mancino's and Nola Bistro!

Mark this event on your calendar right NOW.

Make sure to Like Us on Facebook for up-to-date information about upcoming details for the Open House.


Nutrition (i.e. Food)


If you don't use Facebook, I'm not gonna leave you hangin'.

Here is the scrumptous healthy Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs recipe:)

I like to have a couple cooked sweet potatoes in my fridge at all times as they are filling & their sweetness helps satisfy my sugar cravings. I prefer to bake them but you can also poke a few holes in them & then put them in the microwave until they are just soft. For this recipe it's best if they aren't overcooked.

Sweet Potato
Olive Oil
Butter (optional)
Feta (optional)
Onions & Peppers (optional)

Peel one (or more) soft cooked & cooled sweet potato then dice. Preheat a saute pan with some olive oil & a little butter & once hot, toss in the diced sweet potato. Saute until browned then transfer to a plate.** Set the plate in the oven to stay warm while you make your eggs. Cook eggs according to your preference & season with salt and/or pepper. Place eggs on top of sweet potatoes. Add a couple dashes of Sriracha & you've got a breakfast that combines sweet, spicy, salty, creamy & crispy!

You can also add a couple crumbles of feta for some added flavor or you can saute your sweet potatoes with some sliced onion & peppers.

**Pre-warm your plate (either in the microwave or the oven on low) so that your food stays warm when you plate it!


If you have any suggestions for topics or if you have any specific questions you want answered about your Function, Fitness, Food, or Focus...

Simply comment below or email me directly.

Have a healthy week,

- Dr. Ryan


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