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93.25% DONE (New Pics)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 | Category: Total Health Events


What a fantastic week so far!

Our last Halloween Hurrah at 252 Waverly on Monday....

My girls going trick-or-treating right after...

Not getting TOO much candy...
And yesterday we found out great news about our new office at 603 N. Waverly!
The walls...98% DONE.
The ceiling...95% DONE.
The painting...90% DONE.
Electricians and builders...90% DONE.
The floors...starting today. In 1 week....DONE.
The contractor said it would be reasonable that we could start moving our equipment....
Now, that doesn't mean we'd be open on November 16.
But, we're confident that we'll be open for HEALing on Monday November 21 (as long as the inspection goes well).
Here are a couple pictures of Total Health Spine & Nutrition to tide you over until the finished product:)
Let me know what you think...

- Dr. Ryan

View from our new Front Desk


View from our new front door

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